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Henkel Alodine 871Touch-N-Prep Non-Hexavalent Chromate Conversion Coating #680-1152
Chemical Name:
Touch-N-Prep 871 Alodine Conversion Coating

Detailed Product Description:

Touch-N-Prep Alodine 871 is a no-rinse non-hexavalent chromium

conversion coating chemical in a magic marker-type applicator for use

on aluminum, and its alloys for industrial maintenance and treatment



Touch-N-Prep Alodine 871 effectively phosphates most metals including

aluminum, ferrous and galvanized substrates.  It doesn’t require rinsing,

and can be air-dried or force-dried with something as simple as a hair

dryer or an infra-red lamp.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for touch-up and field repair on aircraft—convenient, fast, reduced labor costs.

  • Full 2-year shelf life (compared to 1 year for other Alodine Compounds).

  • No rinsing required.

  • Usually dries in 5 minutes or less.

  • Meets Mil Spec requirements for aluminum conversion coating.

  • Cost Effective—though initially expensive, when total costs are considered significant savings can be realized.



First developed by Hughes, the applicator was originally filled with

Alodine 1200 which still required water rinsing. Henkel bought the rights

to the pen applicator for which they subsequently developed this unique

no-rinse Alodine formulation.

The coating produced is significantly different from a typical conversion

coating and was specifically developed for this type of dry-in-place application.  

Specification & Certifications:

Alodine® 871 methods and properties are applicable to the requirements

of Mil-C-5541-F (Now AMS-C-5541) and AMS-A-2473.  The composition

conforms to MIL-DTL-81706B and is listed on QPL-81706. The resulting

coating meets both Class 1A and Class 3. Note that these specifications

approve this product for aluminum alloys only.


Application Notes:

The high density acrylic tip of the Touch-N-Prep applicator can be modified

With a single edge razor blade to form any shape.  The application method

controls the amount of coating applied to the surface.


Pre-warm the surface (with a blow dryer, for example) and allow the heated

Metal to flash off the coating chemicals. This also gives the most pleasing



Surface Preparation:

Aluminum surfaces must be chemically clean—they produce a water-break-free

surface. The preferred cleaning method is to use a Bear-Tex or ScotchBrite Pad

wet with Alumiprep 33 or Metalprep 79 to chemically abrade the surface and

remove all traces of surface oxides. Please refer to Technical Process Bulletin

for further cleaning details.



As with most Alodine compounds, contains chromium and fluoride compounds.

Avoid eye and skin contact. See MSDS available below.



Comes packed in a marking pen type applicator.




Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Henkel Alodine 871 Technical Process Bulletin


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