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Camellia Oil #810-101
Camellia Oil
Chemical Name:
Camellia Oil

Detailed Product Description:

Camellia oil is a favorite traditional tool treatment among both Samurai and

woodworkers, used both for preventing corrosion and for easing chisels and

knives through their work.  



For centuries, Camellia Oil has been used to protect the finest Samurai swords and

prized woodworking tools.  It is still recommended by master blade makers as the

most effective oil for this purpose.  A small amount applied to your fine cutlery blades

will keep them free of corrosion. 


Camellia Oil is non-toxic and non-allergenic and is free of additional solvents.

Light and nearly odorless, the oil is non-staining and doesn't affect glue-up.

Use a light wipe on all your steel tools to keep them clean & shiny.



Camellia seed oil is high in oleic acid.  It is similar in color and viscosity to

 jojoba.  It penetrates quickly and can even be used on the skin, hair and nails.

It is an exceptional oil for skin care formulations and soaps.  Camellia seed oil

can even be used as a carrier oil for aromatherapy treatments. 


Found in the winter wild flowers of China and Japan, this natural plant oil contains

anti-oxidants to help revitalize the skin. Camellia flowers ripen their luscious seed for

a year.  This seed or "fruit" of the Camellia is harvested and cold pressed to produce

pure, natural camellia seed oil.






Comes packed in 8-ounce plastic spray bottle



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