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Melamine Plastic Bead Blast Cleaning Media, #16/20 #480-111
Melamine Plastic Bead Blast Cleaning Media, #16/20

Detailed Product Description:

Melamine is engineered for stripping the most difficult surfaces while

providing an effective stripping rate.  Melamine is the most aggressive

plastic abrasive, offering an excellent range of stripping capabilities. 


Application Notes:

Use as a replacement for glass beads and other harsh abrasives.


Suggested Air Pressure:                                  35-90 psi

Grit Size:                                                              #16/20

Hardness:                                                             Mohs 3.5, Rockwell E-93-98, Barcol 54-62



Be sure to wear appropriate respiratory protection.



Comes packed in 50 pound bag.




Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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