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Epifanes Clear Polyurethane Top Coat, 2-Liters #650-113
Epifanes Clear Polyurethane Top Coat, 2-Liters

Detailed Product Description:

Epifanes Polyurethane is a two-part polyester-saturated, aliphatic urethane coating

formulated for maximum resin depth and hardness with a long lasting mirror like gloss.


Suitable for long lasting protection of all marine or household woods, interior woods,

and exterior woods above the waterline.  Due to the hard nature of this finish, Epifanes

Polyurethane Clear Gloss is ideally suited for plywoods and coating of epoxy resins.

Perfect for saloon tables and cabin soles.  Superior flow, gloss and durability. High

U.V. protection and resistance to abrasion, weathering, chemicals and loss of gloss.

The outstanding flow characteristics make this two-component varnish highly suitable

for both brush and spray application.


Kit includes base & reactor.  Thinning with “Polyurethane Thinner For Brush”

or “Polyurethane Thinner For Spray” is required for application.  For high

temperature application, add “Polyurethane Retarder.”



Chemical Family:                                  Polyester-saturated, aliphatic polyurethane

Gloss Level:                                          High Gloss

Density:                                                 1.06 kg/liter

Solids Content:                                     45% by volume

Mix Ratio:                                              2 parts base to 1 part reactor by weight

Application Temperature Range:      50ºF-85ºF (relative humidity must be below 85%)

Cured Film Thickness:                         25-35 microns/coat

Dry Times:                                             At 65ºF, dry in 24 hours, re-coat in 24 hours



Combustible mixture.  Keep from flame and ignition sources.

Use with adequate ventilation.



Kit comes packed with base in 500 gram container with reactor in 250 gram container.


Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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