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Carbon Fiber Braided Sleeve, 4" Dia. #720-103
Carbon Fiber Braided Sleeve, 4" Dia.

Detailed Product Description:

Composite sleeving has many uses, including reinforcing regular and irregular surfaces,

fabricating pure composite tubing, rocket airframes, strengthening model and full size

airplanes, automotive and bicycle enhancements, to name a few.


This seamless sleeving material is expandable and contractible just like the famous

“Chinese Handcuff” making it easy to fit surfaces snugly.


Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

Nominal Sleeve Size:                            4.0” I.D.

Minimum Diameter:                              2.0” I.D.  (increases in length 32% from nominal)

Maximum Expanded Diameter:           5.0”    (decreases in length 34% from nominal)

Weave Type:                                        Plain, biaxial, 45 degree braid angle

Woven fabric thickness:                     .022”

Strand Diameter:                                   .022”

Tow:                                                       12k

Fabric Weight:                                      15.1 oz/square yard

Dimensions:                                          Sold by the yard in length


Application Notes & Precautions:

See our white paper titled, “Composite Fabrication With Carbon Fiber Sleeves.”




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