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Clear Polyester Gel Coat #930-115
Chemical Name:
Clear Gel Coat
Flow Coat

Detailed Product Description:

#173 Clear Gel Coat  is our highest quality gel coat.  It is UV resistant so is an ideal top coat over other colors, metal flake, or as a clear coating on boat interiors (Flow Coat).


This is an isothalic polyester resin with thixotropic thickening agents to prevent drainage or running from vertical surfaces.  



Color:                                     clear

Viscosity:                              5,000 centistokes

Density:                                 8 lbs/gallon

Chemical Family:                  Isothalic, polyester

Additives:                             UV absorbers


Application Notes:

When used as a top coat applied over a laminate or bare wood, it will require surface-curing additive to avoid the perpetual tackiness.  We recommend our Duratec High Gloss additive to facilitate surface cure and maximize its final gloss—ideal when used as a Flow Coat.


This material is designed to be sprayed, the appropriate sized nozzle in the spray gun must be selected.



Can be an eye and skin irritant. 

For best results use at 70ºF or above.


Comes packed in 1 gallon can.




Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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