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Epoxy Powder Coating Services #695-100
Powder Coat, Epoxy

Detailed Product Description:

These were the first powder coatings developed and were based on

the now familiar Bis-A/Epichlorohydrin condensates.  These coatings

are generally selected when chemical and solvent resistance combined

with toughness, flexibility and wear resistance are the desirable attributes

of the end coating. 


They are not the best choice where regular exposure to sunlight or UV

is expected.


Epoxy coatings are non-weatherable finishes which possess outstanding

chemical and mechanical properties.  Epoxies are ideal for applications

such as metal cabinets, sports and recreation equipment, furniture, hand

and power tools, brass plumbing and hardware fixtures, tool boxes, fire

extinguishers, safety equipment, appliances, wire goods, and automotive

underbody and under-hood parts.



Film Thickness Range:                                        1.0 to 3.0 mils

Cure Temperature:                                               375˚ to 400˚F

Cure Time:                                                             5-15 minutes

Gloss:                                                                     50 gloss units

Service Temperature:                                           240˚F max continuous, 240˚F-275˚F intermittent


Coating Services:

Please contact our Technical Support department via phone or e-mail to

discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation. 

Minimum Lot Charge:  $350.00   Quantities quoted on request.




Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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