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Ethyl Alcohol, 250ml, SDA-40B, Specially Denatured #015-5548
Ethyl Alcohol, 250ml, SDA-40B, Specially Denatured
Chemical Name:
Ethyl Alcohol, SDA-40B
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Ethanol, Grain Alcohol

Detailed Product Description:

A colorless, flammable, volatile liquid.  This is 95% pure ethanol or 190 proof.

This form is called “Specially Denatured Alcohol” SDA-40B.  It uses Bitrex

as the denaturant which has low toxicity and is intended for cosmetics (colognes,

Perfumes, etc.)


Soluble in water, other alcohols, chloroform, acetone and ethers.

Often used as a less-toxic alternative to other alcohols as a surface-cleaning solvent.



Flammable, dangerous fire risk.  Flammability limits in air range from 3.3 to 19%.

Can be toxic by ingestion.  TLV = 1,000ppm



Comes packed in 250ml amber glass bottle.  Also available in 500ml size.





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