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Kalrez O-Ring, Pall Megaplast Filter Housings #901-851
Kalrez O-Ring, Pall Megaplast Filter Housings
Chemical Name:
Kalrez O-Ring

Detailed Product Description:

Specifically sized for Pall’s Megaplast™ In-Line PFA Filter Housings,

when maximum chemical resistance is required, Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer

O-Rings last longer and seal more effectively than any other elastomer

in even the most hostile environments. 


Chemical Resistance:

Kalrez® O-Rings have virtually universal chemical resistance.  They

will withstand attack by more than 1,800 chemicals including solvents,

acids, bases, and oxidizers.


Thermal Stability:

For long-term exposure to temperatures up to 327°F, Kalrez® retains its

elasticity and recovery properties better than other high temperature

elastomers.  It resists hardening and embrittlement, the principal heat-

related cause of seal degradation and failure.  


Retention of Sealing Force:

As proven in ISO 334 tests, Kalrez® outperforms other elastomers

when it comes to sealing force retention, a measure of seal life.  Even

under harsh and aggressive conditions, Kalrez® will retain its sealing

force longer in both short and long-term service.  And due to its true

rubber resiliency, Kalrez® prevents leaks caused by creep, a major

problem with PTFE and other plastic materials.


Kalrez® parts also exhibit low compression set, maintaining their elastic

recovery to maintain tight seals over the long haul.  Because Kalrez®

parts recover better under compression than other perfluoroelastomers,

they maintain their shape better under prolonged stress.


Material Specifications:

These rings are fabricated of DuPont Kalrez type 6375.



Sized for Pall’s Megaplast™ In-Line PFA Filter Housings with the following

typical part numbers:

PFN04F08H1                         (5” Housing)

PFN1F13H15                         (10” Housing)

PFN2F15H15                         (20” Housing)



Allow 1 week after receipt of order.


Packaged Quantity:

These rings are sold by the piece.  Each ring is individually packaged

in a cleanroom, heat-sealed package.


Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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