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Incralac, Pint #683-121
Chemical Name:
Incralac Clear Coat
Clear Coat for Copper, Brass, Bronze

Detailed Product Description:


Incralac is a professional grade, acrylic-based protective coating formulated


specifically for coating the copper alloys, brass, and bronze. It provides a tough,


clear, glossy, tarnish-resistant coating which is unaffected by UV and continuous


exterior exposure.





Typical Applications:


Incralac is designed specifically for clear-coating copper alloys (brass,


bronze). It resists the attack of UV making it ideal for outdoor use. This


coating is applicable for either interior or exterior applications. Not for


constant water immersion such as bronze underwater gear on boats, however.





Appropriate for use on copper domes, brass plaques, bronze memorials,


ornaments, light fittings, door knobs and household utensils. Can also be


used on copper or brass range hoods or flues which are not subject to direct


flame. Is also applicable to aluminum and silver surfaces.







Originally developed by INCRA (International Copper Research Association)


for the protection and prevention from tarnishing of copper, brass, and similar


alloys. It is comprised of a solution of methyl methacrylate copolymer (acrylic resin)


incorporating benzotriazole, a very expensive but proven vapor phase corrosion


inhibitor for copper and its alloys. 





Exposure to sunlight and some artificial lights can have adverse effects on the


useful life of polymeric coatings. UV radiation can break down the chemical bonds


in a polymer.  This process is called photodegradation and ultimately causes cracking,


chalking, color changes and the loss of physical properties.

To counteract the damaging effect of UV light, UV stabilizers are added to the


formulation. UV stabilizers can be categorized by two general classifications—


ultraviolet light absorbers (UVA) and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS).

HALS are extremely efficient stabilizers against light-induced degradation of most


polymers.  They do not absorb UV radiation, but act to inhibit degradation of the


polymer.  Significant levels of stabilization are achieved at relatively low concentrations.


HALS' high efficiency and longevity are due to a cyclic process wherein the HALS


are regenerated rather than consumed during the stabilization process.





Application Notes:





Surface Preparation:


A perfectly clean surface is critical to the performance of this coating. Surface


must be free of all previous coatings (paint remover may be required.) Polish


the surfaces with a conventional metal polish. Wash in warm soapy water to


remove residue. Since the soap off in clean hot water and dry thoroughly without


touching the surfaces with your hands.







Recommended application is with an air brush. No thinning is required. Stir


Contents thoroughly. Fill air brush cup and apply 1-2 coats for interior use


and coats for exterior use. Allow 30 minutes between coats. Dries to


touch in 30 minutes.







A pint will cover approximately 30 square feet when applied at a typical 13


micron thickness.







Dissolves in lacquer thinner.







Ensure adequate ventilation during use. Highly flammable. Do not use if surface


temperature is below 55°F or in humid conditions.







Contents of 12-ounces comes packed in aerosol can.



Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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