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Rubatex Neoprene Adhesive, R-27705 #204-501
Rubatex Neoprene Adhesive, R-27705
Chemical Name:
Neoprene Adhesive, Black
Wetsuit Glue

Detailed Product Description:


This is a professional quality contact-type adhesive used for bonding closed


cell neoprene foam to either foam or solid neoprene rubber.  This is the same


adhesive used by wetsuit manufacturers.  The bond created is stronger than


the foam or rubber themselves.



A coating of the product is applied to both surfaces to be bonded.  Let air dry


to touch.  Press surfaces together.  Article is ready for immediate use.



Historical Usage:


This is the same adhesive originally used by wetsuit manufacturers and by custom


waterski binding makers to laminate neoprene foam to neoprene rubber. 





Extremely flammable.  Use only with adequate ventilation.  For industrial use only.





Comes packed in 4-ounce brush-top can.





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