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Cleaners, Waxes and Polishes

Chemical Cleaning & Disinfection:

We stock many of the more obscure professional-quality cleaners and polishes typically only found distributed by jobbers and sold directly to detail shops.  Additionally, we also offer reformulations of current commercially popular products to return them to their original recipes upon which their reputations for effectiveness were built.


Water Purification:

We now offer leading edge water purification products for emergency use, camping, or backpacking.


Mechanical Cleaning:

You will also find a complete family of industrial blast cleaning abrasives appropriate for your cleaning challenge for use in your sandblasting cabinet.



Polishes are just abrasives in a slurry or paste which acts as a lubricant.  Different abrasive dusts are used depending upon the intended substrate to be polished.


Polish For Glass:

Have you ever tried to remove water spots from your window glass?  Did you have any luck?  Aside from the minor mineral deposits a stray sprinkler may leave on glass, the more insidious effect is actually an etching action resulting from the mineral-laden water drying in direct sunlight. Neither solvent, nor acid nor ammonia-based window cleaner will touch this damage.  There is only one way to remove these spots—polish them off.


Polishes for Aluminum:

Fresh machined aluminum parts—wheels, billet parts, sheetmetal skins—have a natural beauty.  Unfortunately, raw aluminum has a natural characteristic of growing an aluminum oxide coating when exposed to air.  When other contaminants are present, this oxide layer grows with a mottled appearance and is very difficult to remove.




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