"Making High Tech Materials & Chemicals Available to Everyone"

DGR Industrial Products, Inc.

We have supported Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and their R&D needs for over 25 years. Some of our biggest customers started in their garages with nothing more than an idea and a need for hard-to-find materials.

  • You might be building that experimental or ultra-light aircraft and need that special structural adhesive the plans specify but no one has heard of.

  • Or you might be a bicyclist looking for that special aerospace grease for your wheel bearings

  • Perhaps you're a computer over-clocker who wants the ultimate in a heat transfer fluid for your computer's liquid cooling system...

  • Maybe you're a classic wood boating enthusiast who wants a small quantity of a special structural adhesive traditionally only available to manufacturers of structural beams...

  • You may even be a serious racer who is formulating his own racing fuel...

  • Or maybe you are building your first carbon fiber tube frame or a carbon fiber model rocket casing and you need some pre-formed and pre-cured carbon fiber tubing

No matter what your High Tech chemical or material requirements, our mission is to fulfill your needs.

Major Product Categories:

When most people hear the term Chemicals they immediately envision toxic spills, poisoned wildlife and dying species. But the reality is that nearly everything we encounter in our everyday lives is chemical in nature and we carry them all...

  • Generic chemicals

  • Structural adhesives

  • Heat transfer fluids & Refrigerants

  • Specialty solvents

  • High performance lubricants

  • Composite materials

  • Special coatings

  • Hydraulic fluids

  • Private labeled products

You Don't Have To Be An Industrial User:

In addition to our industrial customer base that reads like a whos who of High Technology business, we welcome budding entrepreneurs, students, researchers, scientists, hobbyists and home craftsmen in all pursuits.

No Minimum Orders!

Small quantities are our specialty. Unlike most industrial and chemical supply houses, we have no minimum order requirements so you don't have to buy production quantities to fulfill your R&D needs.

Hard-To-Find Specialty Items:

The harder it is to find, the more determined we are to stock it. We offer many hard-to-find specialty products in the areas of aerospace lubricants, structural adhesives, and special-purpose solvents. We are one of the only sources for many specialty chemicals in small quantities.

Custom Formulations & Private Labeling:

For industrial users, we offer packaging and formulating of special blends of chemical compounds for your every need. Additionally, provide us with your logo and graphics design and we will label the containers with your company name.



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