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Aerospace Finishes

Aircraft and aerospace finishes are formulated to meet some of the most rigorous and demanding requirements any coating compound could be exposed to.  They are made from the highest quality

chemical compounds available for an environment where there is no room for error.


Not only must these coatings adhere tenaciously to a wide range of materials, but they will have to maintain this adhesion when exposed to wide swings in temperature—sometimes on the same panel at the same instant in time.  Additionally, these coatings must persevere for years of exposure in areas of rarefied atmosphere where the deteriorating effect of ultraviolet radiation exposure is at its greatest.


Traditionally, the only way a small user could obtain small quantities of these superior coating materials was to have a friend in the aerospace industry.  Now for the first time, your desires can be fulfilled.  By special arrangement, and under our own private label—“Stratochem Coatings”—we are packaging small-user quantities of the exact polyurethane/epoxy paint systems and formulations used by the biggest names in aerospace—names like Boeing, Raytheon, and Hawker.  All the mil-specs apply.


These coating materials are provided for you in a range of bold aerospace colors, in high-tech containers that simplify mixing, storage and offer superior sealing to maximize shelf life.


For a more technical understanding of the amazing benefits of these coatings, read our white paper below, “Polyurethane/Epoxy Coating Systems for Aerospace Applications.”





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