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Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Kits

The most common frustration we encountered in applying composites to actual real world projects was in arriving at a total solution.  It always seemed that even the simplest project would require hours on the phone or the Internet tracking down the needed parts.  In many cases some of the parts didn’t even exist and had to be custom designed and specially machined.


Case in point, consider what it used to take to gather the parts needed to fabricate a simple carbon fiber tie rod.  First you would have to find a source for a carbon fiber tube and then make sure it was of the quality you needed.  Then you would have to find someone who could make the threaded inserts for you, or make them yourself…Then to another source for the ball joints…And another for the adhesive and yet another for the clear coating to cover the carbon fiber for UV protection.


Well, by popular demand, we have solved all of these issues for you already.  With our exclusive carbon fiber tie rod kits you get everything you need with a few mouse clicks.


Tie Rod Assembly Kits:

With this kit we have done all the research and procurement for you.  Simply order one of our tie rod kits and here’s what you get all in one package:

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1" Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Kit
1" Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Kit
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Price Each: $352.00


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