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Urac-185 Plastic Resin Glue #202-301
Urac-185 Plastic Resin Glue
Chemical Name:
Plastic Resin Glue

Detailed Product Description:

This is an industrial quality modified urea/formaldehyde resin glue that is

water resistant and is typically used for furniture, millwork, hollow core

doors, and decorative laminates to wood.

This is a popular adhesive among fly rod making hobbyists and for the

lamination of decorative wooden archery bows.

Mixing ratio is 10 parts URAC-185 liquid resin to 1 part CYCAT-185

powdered hardener by weight. The mixed adhesive is successfully cured at

workshop temperatures of 70F and above.

When stored below 60F, the resin and hardener have a minimum shelf

life of 1 year.


Contains Formaldehyde. Causes severe eye irritation. Skin irritant.

Toxic by ingestion and skin absorption.


Resin comes packed in 32 oz. Aluminum cylinder with screw cap for

convenience. Hardener comes packed in 8 oz. Aluminum cylinder with

screw cap.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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