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Weldwood Resorcinol Structural Adhesive #201-203

Availability Notice:

DAP/Weldwood has discontinued this product. This same adhesive is

still available however, under the Cascophen G-1131 name (see link below)

and is still made by Hexion as was the private label Weldwood brand.

Detailed Product Description:

A high performance, two-component adhesive formulated to provide strong,

durable bonds in severe service applications. Once cured, Resorcinol

withstands continuous salt or fresh water immersion, outdoor exposure,

and tropical or sub-zero temperatures.

It is typically used to laminate structural wood beams and has been a

mainstay of the wood boat building industry for decades.

Mix ratio is 1 pound resin (liquid) to pound catalyst (powder) or 4 parts

resin to 3 parts powder by volume. This is a room temperature cure

adhesive with a recommended workshop temperature range of 70F to

95F. Pot life at 70F is 4 hours with a cure time of 8 to 10 hours.

Bond strengths of up to 2,800 psi are possible depending upon substrate.


Contains Formaldehyde. May cause eye irritation. Can be a skin irritant.

Toxic by ingestion and skin absorption.

Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Application Notes:

This is a purple adhesive which creates a purple glue line. Esthetically, it works best on dark woods.

Click here to download Product Technical Bulletin


Liquid resin comes packed in 1 pint can.

Powdered catalyst comes packed in 1 pint can.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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