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Fathom-1 Marine Cleaner #420-201
Fathom-1 Marine Cleaner

Detailed Product Description:

If you’re an avid boater, you’ve probably tried any number of cleaners including

even “Ducky’s Water Spot Remover” to remove those nagging and persistent

hard water stains from your boat’s hull and hardware.  Being avid boaters ourselves,

we’re betting you were disappointed with the results.


We formulated this cleaner specifically for removing dried-on water spots from

boat windshields and fiberglass surfaces without regard to political or environmental

correctness.  This cleaner contains constituents that should have been in Ducky’s, CLR

and Lime-Away. 


Effective on fiberglass/gel coats, polished aluminum and chrome, Plexiglass and

safety glass windshields and stainless steel—both grained and polished.



Can cause eye irritation.  Skin irritant.  It is recommended that you wear

rubber household gloves when using for extended periods.



Comes packed in 24 oz. trigger spray bottle.



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