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Tubing, Carbon Fiber, 1/2" #710-050
Tubing, Carbon Fiber, 1/2"

Detailed Product Description:

This tube is fabricated using “roll-wrap” construction around a precision

machined mandrel.  The layup schedule uses standard modulus uni-directional

carbon fiber pre-impregnated with a thermoset epoxy.  The use of pre-impregnated

carbon fiber instead of dry fabric maximizes stiffness to weight ratio.  This tubing

has a resin/fiber ratio of about 0.49 for optimum mechanical properties. 


Additionally, to preserve the esthetics of the classic carbon fiber weave seen

in the photo, an outer layer of bi-directional carbon fiber is included in the layup schedule.


Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

Nominal Tube Size:    1/2”

Outer Diameter = 0.575” ± .008”

Inner Diameter = 0.500” +.002/-.000”     

Wall Thickness = 0.037”

Weight = 0.042 lbs/ft = 0.67 ozs/ft

Length = comes in 60” lengths


These tubes are made from standard modulus carbon fiber and epoxy resin,

and may be used in applications with service temperatures up to a maximum

of 160°F, with only a slight reduction in strength and stiffness. 



Any portion of the tubing to be exposed to UV rays for long periods of time

should be coated with any one of the quality polyurethane paints.  To retain

the carbon fiber appearance use any of the automotive clear coats that contain

UV inhibitors.


Review our document, “Bonding & Joint Design For Carbon Fiber Tubing

Construction,” for proper fabrication technique to optimize structural integrity.





Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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