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White Aluminum Oxide Blast Cleaning Media, #60 Grit #480-103
White Aluminum Oxide Blast Cleaning Media, #60 Grit

Detailed Product Description:

White aluminum oxide grit is a 99.5% ultra pure grade of blasting media.

It is being used increasingly in critical, high-performance microdermabrasion

equipment.  The purity of this media along with the variety of grit sizes available

make it ideal for both traditional microdermabrasion processes as well as

in high-quality exfoliating creams.

This is an extremely sharp, long-lasting blasting abrasive that can be recycled

many times after the initial media blasting.  It contains less than 0.2% free

silica and is therefore safer to use than sand. The grit size is consistent and

cuts much faster than other sand blasting media, leaving a smoother surface.


White aluminum oxide grit penetrates and cuts even the hardest metals

Including sintered carbide.  It is about half the weight of metallic

media with twice as many particles per pound.  The resulting fast

cutting action minimizes damage to thin materials by eliminating

surface stresses common with heavier, slower cutting media.

Application Notes:

Aluminum oxide grit has a wide variety of applications, from cleaning

turbine blades in the aircraft industry to lettering in monument and

marker inscriptions.  It is also commonly used for matte finishing,

as well as cleaning and preparing parts for metallizing, plating and

welding.  Aluminum oxide is the best choice for preparing a surface

for painting.

Suggested Air Pressure:                                  80-90 PSI max.

Grit Size:                                                              “Medium” #60 mesh size

Hardness:                                                             9 Moh  (Diamond = 10)      



Be sure to wear appropriate respiratory protection.

Not recommended for surfaces which are to be left uncoated in use.

Abrasive particles can become imbedded and later sloughed off into

moving parts such as bearings.



Comes packed in 50 pound bag.





Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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