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Polyester Surfacing Resin #930-112
Polyester Surfacing Resin
Chemical Name:
Polyester Surfacing Resin

Detailed Product Description:

#83 is a general purpose, surface-curing polyester laminating resin. The wax surface curing agent will allow the surface to cure without tackiness. It must be sanded before subsequent laminate or coating applications.


Color: clear

Viscosity: 4,000 centistokes

Density: 9 lbs/gallon

Chemical Family: Orthothalic, polyester

Additives: Wax-based surface-curing agent


Can be an eye and skin irritant.

For best results use at 70F or above.


Comes packed in 1 gallon can.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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