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TGIC Polyester Powder Coat #695-101
TGIC, Polyester

Detailed Product Description:

Polyester powders came next in the development timeline of powder

coatings after the epoxies.  They should be considered the real workhorses

of the powder coatings industry.


The most common form of polyester powder is technically Tri-Glycidyl

Iso-Cyanurate.  Those in the industry simply call it “TGIC.”  It provides

a durable attractive finish ideal for exterior use due to its weather resistance,

UV absorber content and an easily-achieved glossy, high quality finish.


TGIC polyester coatings are formulated to withstand extended outdoor

exposure.  Outstanding physical properties and over-bake resistance make

these coatings ideal for use on lawn and garden equipment, fencing, kitchen

appliances, playground and recreation equipment, transformer tanks, outdoor

lighting fixtures, wire cloth, furniture, automotive/marine parts and vending




Film Thickness:                                                    1.2 to 4.0 mils

Cure Temperature:                                               325˚ to 400˚F

Cure Time:                                                             5-15 minutes

Gloss:                                                                     50 gloss units

Service Temperature:                                           180˚F max continuous, 180˚F-220˚F intermittent


Coating Services:

Please contact our Technical Support department via phone or e-mail to

discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation. 

Minimum Lot Charge:  $350.00   Quantities quoted on request.





Call For Pricing: (408) 221-7122
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