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Nylon Powder Coat #695-102
Nylon Powder Coat

Detailed Product Description:

Nylon coatings are formulated from Type 11 polyamide resins.  

Nylons possess excellent abrasion and wear characteristics, a low

coefficient of friction, good solvent and chemical resistance, and

a highly desirable level of machinability.


Ideal for use on automotive truck spline shafts, shopping carts,

food handling and mixing equipment, institutional furniture and

self-locking fasteners.



Film Thickness Range:                        4.0 to 8.0 mils

Cure Temperature:                               600˚ preheat, to 400˚F

Cure Time:                                             5-15 minutes

Gloss:                                                     50 gloss units

Service Temperature:                           240˚F max continuous, 240˚F-275˚F intermittent


Coating Services:

Please contact our Technical Support department via phone or e-mail to

discuss your needs and to obtain a quotation. 

Minimum Lot Charge:  $350.00   Quantities quoted on request.







Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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