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Granite-Look Epoxy/Polyurethane Floor Coating #680-880

Detailed Product Description:

Granite finish floor coating—our most popular coating.  If you’re a “car guy”,

this finish was developed with you in mind.  This is a finish that is reserved

for the most discriminating.


This is a 5-step process that gives industrial wear resistance for a lifetime

garage/shop floor finish.  Besides the obvious beauty, this floor system is very

easy to clean, keeps dust down, helps hide dirt, and adds a look of professionalism

to any workspace.


This finish was designed to handle the demands of the daily rigors of industrial

and aerospace facilities.  Forklifts, rolling tool boxes, creepers, and all the automobile

fluids you might spill will not affect this finish.  These floors are designed to be

as durable as they are attractive.


The Technology:

To accomplish the transformation from bare concrete to high tech industrial grade

Requires several steps over the course of about a week.


The concrete must be grit blasted or sanded. We mechanically grind

or shot blast the floor to remove any loose scale and dirt out of the pores

of the concrete to create the optimal tooth for the primer coat to adhere to.


First Coat—Epoxy Primer:

Epoxy primer is applied. This coat anchors into the concrete and is the

foundation for the rest of the system.  It penetrates into the concrete pores

for maximum adhesion and resistance to lifting.  Additionally, subsequent

color coats adhere much better to epoxy than to anything else.


Second Coat—The Build Coat:

A 100% solids epoxy build and broadcast coat is now applied.  We apply

a custom base color coat for a solid color flooring, or “color chips” are added

that can provide the granite look and feel.  This adds texture for improved

slip resistance.  The blended color chips are carefully broadcast and will

bond into this coat. 


Third Coat—Polyurethane Tie Coat:

Polyurethane high solids clear tie coat.  This will bond to and protect the

chips from above.  A chemical and oil resistant clear coat is applied that

creates a long lasting durable floor that will last for years. 


Fourth Coat—Polyurethane Clear Top Coat:

Polyurethane clear finish coat. This is the layer that creates the high gloss

shine and provides the UV resistance that protects the underlying layers.


Due to advanced cross linking technology, (similar to a very tight fabric weave) the

floor finish is now impervious to most automobile and even industrial fluids.  The

application process can take from 4-5 days depending on repairs or crack treatment

needed.  After the application is complete, vehicle traffic should be restricted for 5-7 days.


This is the same flooring system used in industrial manufacturing facilities around

the country.  The abuse this floor can take is amazing.


How To Buy:

Contact us by phone or through our Tech Support e-mail tab.  We will contact you

within 24 hours to get the details of your project to create a quote.





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