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Isothalic Resin #735-101
Isothalic Resin
Chemical Name:
Isothalic Polyester Resin

Detailed Product Description:

#90 Isothalic Polyester Laminating Resin features greater toughness, impact

strength, and flexibility than the more common orthothalic polyester laminating


It is a good choice for detailed molds requiring greater dimensional stability,

corrosive service part fabrication, and as a durable repair material for tank

linings. It permits fast wet-out in spray or hand laminates.

Isothalic polyester resins have a 225˚F service temperature so they resist the

effects of the curing exothermic reaction and many post-cure problems.

Properly fabricated parts may be used in food contact applications.


Color: clear

Density: 8 lbs/gallon

Chemical Family: Isothalic, polyester

Additives: none

Cure: requires 1% MEKP

Standards: Meets MIL-R-7575C.


Can be an eye and skin irritant.

For best results use at 50F or above.


Comes packed in 1 gallon can.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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