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DicroniteŽ Tungsten Disulfide Coating Services #680-123
DicroniteŽ Tungsten Disulfide Coating Services
Chemical Name:
Dicronite DL-5
Tungsten Disulfide

Detailed Product Description:


Dicronite® was originally developed in the sixties for aerospace


applications as a dry lubricant where it would be exposed to deep


vacuum or liquid oxygen.  It is referred to as a modified tungsten


disulfide coating and exhibits several desirable dry lubricant properties.



The Coating:


Dicronite coating is a thin, uniform, chemically inert , non-toxic,


coating with high lubricity.  It is non-magnetic, contains no organic


binders, solvents, or adhesives and has high load capacity.



It is intimately attached to the substrate using molecular bonds


and acts like a permanent mold release.  It will not rub off or transfer.



Typical Applications:


  • Vacuum equipment wear surfaces


  • Mold release in plastics industry


  • Actuators, bearings & bushings in aircraft industry



Performance Parameters:


  • Composition:                                        Modified Tungsten Disulfide, lamellar


  • Hardness:                                              Defined by substrate hardness


  • Appearance:                                         Silver gray on application—rhodium when burnished


  • Molecular weight:                                248.02


  • Density:                                                 7.4 grams/cc


  • Coating thickness:                               0.5 microns (20 microinches)


  • Coefficient of friction:                         0.03


  • Service temperature range:                 -300°F to 1,000°F (to over 2,400°F in vacuum)


  • Chemical resistance:                            Chemically inert


  • Application temperature:                    Ambient


  • Load capacity:                                      350,000 psi


  • Substrate materials:                             all metals, most plastics, glass, porcelain, fiberglass


  • Adhesion:                                             mechanical/molecular interlock



Specification & Certifications:


  • Conforms to MIL Spec DOD-L-85645A, Type 1


  • Aerojet General AGC-46793


  • Jet Propulsion Labs, FS 516025 Rev A


  • Lockheed LPS-040-0160/NAS



The Process:


This is a proprietary process applied only by licensed applicators.  Please contact


us through Technical Support to discuss your needs and arrange a quotation.







Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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