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Epocast 169A Syntactic Structural Foam Kit #730-101
Epocast 169A Syntactic Structural Foam Kit
Chemical Name:
Epocast 169A

Detailed Product Description:

Brown Syntactic Aerospace Foam System. Epocast 169-A with

Hardener 946 is a pourable, low density foam which cures at room

temperature to a carvable, wood-like product. It has good dimensional

stability under changing humidity conditions. Pourability allows easy

application for core fill and honeycomb reinforcement.

Applicable Specifications:

SS-9587 (-002A T1) Rev 4 AMD 4-01, -02, -03
SS9440 Rev 0-001

Mechanical Properties:

169-A 946 169-A/946 Test Method
Color: Red-brown Amber Red-brown Visual
Density, g/cc: 0.56 1.00 0.68 ASTM-D-1622
Viscosity, centipoise @ 77F: Paste 350 Pourable ASTM-D-2196
Gel time, 50 gms at 77F, minutes: 10-15 ASTM-D-2471
Shelf life at 77F (months): 12 12

Mix Ratio:
To 100 parts by weight of Epocast 169-A, add 20 parts by weight

of Hardener 946. Mix both components thoroughly for 3 to 5 minutes

to insure complete and uniform mixing.

Cure Cycle:
12 hours at 75 5F, or room temperature gel plus 1-3 hours at 150F.

Typical Cured Properties:

(Not for specification purposes)
Compressive strength: 3,500 psi per ASTM D-695


Comes packed in 1-gallon kit.

Click here to download copy of Syntactic Foam Introduction

Click here to download a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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