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3M EC-2615 Aerospace Epoxy Adhesive, 200cc Sempak #203-417
Chemical Name:

Detailed Product Description:

Scotch-Weld EC-2615 is a two-component, room temperature

cure, epoxy adhesive formulated specifically for aerospace applications.


It is formulated to give a combination of high peel strength, high shear

strength, and outstanding environmental resistance.  The mixed

adhesive is thixotropic providing no sag in its application.


Application Notes:

Mix ratio by weight:                                             100 parts base to 49 parts accelerator.

Mix ratio by volume:                                            100 parts base to 50 parts accelerator.

Working life (pot life):                                         20 minutes.

Fixturing time:                                                       2-3 hours (at 70˚F)

Cure time (full strength):                                     7 days (at 70˚ to 80ºF)

                                                                                2 hours (at 120ºF)

Coefficient of thermal expansion:                      102 ppm/ºC

Recommended bond line thickness:                 0.010” to 0.018”

Typical Overlap Shear Strength:                       5,500 psi  (cured 7days at 70ºF)

Overlap Shear Strength, 160˚F:                          2,808 psi 

Viscosity:                                                              800,000 cps  (for base resin)



Can be an eye and skin irritant. 

Note that bond line strength is only as good as adhesion to the adjoining

substrates.  Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation.



Comes packed in 200cc Sempak® kit (molded side-by-side tubes).


Click here to download a copy of 3M’s Technical Data Sheet for EC-2615


Click here to download a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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