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Spill Kit, Hydrofluoric Acid #016-779
Spill Kit, Hydrofluoric Acid
Chemical Name:
Spill Kit, HF

Detailed Product Description:


This spill clean-up kit is specially-configured specifically for Hydrofluoric


Acid and its unique hazards.  It is sized to handle up to the average 1-gallon


(4-liter) spill.



The Hydrofluoric Acid Spill Kit:


Many spill kits say they can be used on HF but their neutralizers contain


sodium carbonate.  Though a very effective neutralizer for all common acids,


its use on HF will produce the extremely toxic salt, Sodium Fluoride as a by-product.



Our neutralizer contains calcium hydroxide which will neutralize the HF spill


to the insoluble and non-toxic Calcium Fluoride thus simplifying the subsequent


residue disposal.



Hydrofluoric Acid First Aid:


Recognizing that HF is probably the most dangerous industrial acid in existence,


this kit is further equipped with a tube of Calcium Gluconate Gel for emergency


treatment of skin contact with this acid.





Because of this acid’s unique idiosyncrasies, it is important to fully understand


the hazards associated with it.  Click on the following links for case studies and


further descriptions of the dangers.



                Click here for HF MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)




Click here for Summary of Facts regarding Hydrofluoric Acid



Kit Contents:


  • 2 ea. 500g containers of Acid Neutralizer, Type B for HF


  • 1 ea. tube, Calcium Gluconate HF Antidote Gel for skin contact first aid


  • 1 ea. Respirator w/NIOH cartridges for HF Acid vapors


  • 1 pair, splash goggles


  • 1 pair, nitrile gloves


  • 4 ea. heavy duty disposal bags, 14” x 20” x 4 mil, with Ty-Rap seals


  • 3 ea. plastic scrapers—assortment of sizes


  • 1 ea. large plastic scoop with brush


  • 1 ea. large sponge for residue clean-ups


  • 1 ea. Technical Process Bulletin—Hydrofluoric Acid Spill Clean-Up Instructions.


  • 1 ea. pack of pH test strips




Kit contents come packed in bright red HDPE bucket with sealed lid for portable convenience. 




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