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Aluminum Powder, 200 grams #016-910
Aluminum Powder, 200 grams
Chemical Name:
Aluminum Powder
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:

Detailed Product Description:

Silvery white powder. 


Chemical Properties:

Attacked by both dilute and concentrated forms of hydrochloric

acid.  Not attacked by cold sulfuric or nitric acids.  Aggressively

attacked by strong alkaline solutions.  Can ignite violently in

powder form in air.



In powder form, typically used as a filler in paints or protective

coatings.  Also a constituent of thermite.



This is Reagent Grade material with a minimum purity of 99%.

Particle sizes less than 75 microns.



Fine powders can form flammable and explosive mixtures in air.

Download, read, and understand the MSDS and the precautions listed

before using this substance.


Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250 ml sized wide-mouth amber

glass bottle.




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