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Casein 8580 Adhesive #205-605
Casein 8580 Adhesive
Chemical Name:
Casein 8580
Cabinet Glue, Wood-Stik, Casein 4420

Detailed Product Description:

Casein 8580 by National Casein is a cold press adhesive specially formulated

for flush doors and panel-to-frame bonding.  Casein 8580 meets the demand

for an adhesive that combines the fast-set feature of ready-to-use adhesives,

with the gap-filling characteristics of caseins, along with the “bite-in” qualities

needed to bond hardboard and birch, and with water resistance approaching

that of plastic resin adhesives.   


This adhesive comes as a non-dusting powder that, when mixed with water,

provides a smooth, white, creamy adhesive that cleans up with water.


Key Features:

  • Cold press cure in 20-40 minutes at 75°F

  • Gap filling

  • Working life = 4 hours

  • Assembly (open) time 12-20 minutes at 65-80°F

  • Low minimum temperature

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Safe to use


Application Notes:

Intended for interior use with good water resistance.  Dries to a translucent



                Click here to download Technical Process Bulletin


Specification Compliance:

Meets or exceeds WDMA Industrial Standard, 1-Series, Type I & Type II.

and ASTM D4689-99, Class B—Water Resistant.  Meets California’s

stringent VOC (volatile organic compounds) limitations for wood bonding.


Mixing/Curing Instructions:

Mix one pound of powder with two pounds of water (1 quart).  One pound

of powder, when properly mixed with water, produces 3 lbs of



Shelf Life & Storage:

When kept sealed in its moisture-proof container, the powder is usable for

a minimum of 12 months.



The mixed adhesive can cause skin irritation in some sensitive individuals.

Avoid breathing the dust of the dry powder.  Avoid ingestion.  Wash hands

after using.


                Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet



Contents of 5 lbs powder comes packed in 1-gallon sized can.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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