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Sea Slide, Hydrophillic Coating #670-105
Sea Slide, Hydrophillic Coating
Chemical Name:
Sea Slide
Slick bottom finish, Low Friction Bottom Coating


Due to supplier/manufacturer increases in minimum orders and price

increases, this is now a special order item only.  Minimum order is

5-gallons with a 3-4 week leadtime after receipt of order.


Detailed Product Description:

Sea-Slide® absorbs water but is not dissolved by water.  The coating

is a water based urethane inter-polymer dispersion, which cures on

drying to a durable, hydrophilic (wettable) coating.  It produces a surface

with a low interfacial energy, which reduces the turbulence generated by

a boat’s hull as it passes through water.  Reduced water turbulence means

less hydrodynamic drag (the boat slides through the water with less

resistance) and therefore more speed using less fuel, or in the case of sail

powered vessels, higher speeds in lighter winds.



Tank tests conducted by the Ocean Engineering Department of the University

of Rhode Island using electronic measurement apparatus demonstrated that

Sea-Slide® applied over anti-fouling paint was of  “a clearly measurable value,”

reducing hydrodynamic drag between 8% and 14% in separate tests with both a

displacement hull and a planing hull.   This confirmed previous tow force tests

that showed that with Sea-Slide® significantly less force was required to tow

a weighted boat through water. 



Tests for durability at an independent marine lab demonstrated that Sea-Slide®

will withstand the effect of 50,000 miles of clear water ocean travel.  This was

done with coated panels attached to large drums rotating at a constant 15 knots

surface speed.


Application & Cure Cycle:

May be applied with brush, roller or sponge.  Spread coating to form an even film.

Allow to dry and cure for 3 to 4 hours, preferably in direct sunlight. 

Note:  Coating cure takes place after coating dries to the touch.

After curing, boat may be launched or kept from water indefinitely.  The coating

will not be adversely affected by repeated wetting/drying cycles.  Once cured,

the coating will be insoluble in water, but should not be scrubbed or sanded.



Contents of 5-gallons comes in HDPE carboy. 

Call For Pricing: (408) 221-7122
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