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Henkel Alodine 120 Brush Kit #680-1095
Chemical Name:
Alodine 120 Brush Kit
Chromate Conversion Coating


This is a complete kit containing all the materials necessary for treating aluminum

to provide a chromate conversion coating that conforms to MIL-C-5541C, Class 1A.


Product Description:

Kit includes a quart of Deoxidine 605 surface cleaner and deoxidizer, one quart

of Alodine 1201, ready to use, two beakers and a nylon brush.


Typical Applications:

This kit was developed specifically for convenient touch-up and corrosion

repair in the field or in aircraft repair shops. 


Specification & Certifications:

Alodine 1200 methods and properties are defined by MIL-DTL-5541-F (formerly

MIL-C-5541F) now AMS-C-5541 and AMS-A-2473.  This kit is listed on

QPL 81706 as an approved product.




Click here to download Deoxidine Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Alodine 1201 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Technical Process Bulletin #234113



All required materials and process instructions come packed in a convenient

to use and easy to stock kit.

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