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Thiourea, 200 grams #017-595
Thiourea, 200 grams
Chemical Name:
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Thiocarbamide, Sulfourea

Detailed Product Description:

Thiourea is an organic compound of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and hydrogen.

It is similar to urea, except that the oxygen atom is replaced by a sulfur atom.

The properties of urea and thiourea differ significantly because of the relative

electronegativities of sulfur and oxygen.  Thiourea is a versatile reagent in

organic synthesis.



This is Reagent grade material with a minimum purity of 99%.



A currently common application for use of thiourea is as a sulfur source for

making semiconductor cadmium sulfide nanoparticles.  A slurry of 1 g cadmium

sulfate, 0.5 g thiourea, and 0.1 g SiO2) were sonicated for 3 hours under ambient

air at room temperature.  The colorless slurry solution changes to yellow

indicating the generation of CdS.

Other industrial uses of thiourea include production of flame retardant resins, and

vulcanization accelerators.  Thiourea is used as an auxiliary agent in diazo paper

(light-sensitive photocopy paper) and almost all other types of copy paper.  The

liquid silver cleaning product TarnX is essentially a solution of thiourea.  A leaching

agent for gold leaching and silver leaching can be created by selectively oxidizing

thiourea, bypassing the steps of cyanide use and smelting.



Thiourea is considered a possible human carcinogen and mutagen according to

Directive 67/548/EEC.  A goitrogenic effect (enlargement of the thyroid gland) has

been reported, and hepatic tumors have resulted from chronic administration in rat.

Bone marrow depression also has been reported.


May cause irritation to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.  Combustible.

Download, read, and understand MSDS before using this substance.


                Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250ml wide-mouth HDPE Nalgene bottle.

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