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Activator Type II, Dow 7 Coating #680-297
Activator Type II, Dow 7 Coating
Chemical Name:
Activator Type II

Product Description:

This is Activator Type II formulated specifically for use with the “Dow 7”

conversion coating process for magnesium alloys.  Type II is chosen for

use on die cast alloys.  Being more aggressive than Type I, it is formulated

to remove the die casting skin that naturally forms on cooling.              


Specification & Certifications:

The coating produced by proper application of this solution along with the

Dichromate solution, conforms to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type III (formerly

MIL-M-3171, Type III), sometimes referred to as “Dow 7”. 


Application Notes:

Castings containing bearings, studs, and inserts of brass, bronze, steel and

cadmium-plated steel may be treated using this activator.  Note that aluminum

inserts will be rapidly attacked by this activator.



This formulation contains Hydrofluoric Acid that is highly corrosive to skin

and bones.  Use only with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

which includes neoprene waders, a chemical apron, neoprene gloves,

face shield, and either a fume hood or other suitable ventilation.


Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


**This is the most dangerous industrial acid in existence**

Attacks calcium in bones.  Strong irritant to eyes and skin.  Highly corrosive to skin

and mucous membranes.  Toxic by inhalation and ingestion.  Will attack

glass specifically and generally any silicon-containing materials.


Download, read, and fully understand the risks and precautions associated with

this substance before using.


Those using Hydrofluoric Acid should have available a ready supply of 

Calgonate® Calcium Gluconate antidote gel in case of accidental exposure.



This Type II activator kit includes a 3-liter jug of Type II concentrate packed

in a 5-gallon screw top pail.  At time of use, 3.3 gallons of water are added to

the pail to which the 3-liter jug of Type II activator is added.  This will make

just over 4-gallons of immersion bath which is generally large enough to handle

most small parts.  Immersion time generally ranges from 30 seconds to about 5

minutes in duration.  When the process is complete, simply screw the lid on the

pail and store for future use.


Included with this kit is a tube of Calgonate® Calcium Gluconate antidote gel

for emergency use in case of skin contact.

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