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Semkit, 200ml, Hysol EA9359.3NA Epoxy Structural Adhesive #203-425
Semkit, 200ml, Hysol EA9359.3NA Epoxy Structural Adhesive
Chemical Name:
Hysol EA 9359.3 NA

Detailed Product Description:

This is a conveniently-sized quantity (200ml) of Henkel Aerospace

Hysol 9359.3NA structural adhesive pre-measured and contained in

a Semkit®, ready for mixing.

Adhesive Details:

This is a thixotropic, toughened, two-part epoxy paste adhesive containing

glass beads for bondline thickness control.

A variety of substrates (metals, composites, thermoplastics) may be bonded

effectively with this formulation.  It exhibits particularly high shear and

peel strengths on aluminum substrates.  The bonds produced are tough,

permanently flexible, and resistant to humidity, water and most common fluids.

General Use Parameters:

Mix ratio by weight:                            100 parts “A” to 44 parts “B”

Mix ratio by volume:                          2:1 (but volume ratio not recommended for structural applications)

Working life (pot life):                        35 minutes.

Fixturing Time:                                    12 hours (at 77ºF)

Cure time (full strength):                    5 days (at 77ºF)

Coefficient of thermal expansion:   102 ppm/ºC

Typical Overlap Shear Strength:      4500 psi   (after 5 day cure)

Application Notes:

Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and properly prepared.  For optimum

surface preparation methodology, consult the “Hysol Surface Preparation

Guide” (downloadable below).  The bonded parts should be held in contact

until adhesive is set.  Handling strength for this adhesive will be achieved

in 24 hours at 77˚F.


This adhesive will require 5 to 7 days at 77˚F to achieve full cure.  See

details in Technical process bulletin for accelerated cure.


Click here to download copy of Technical Data Sheet


Can be an eye and skin irritant.  Download, read and understand the

Material Safety Data Sheet before using this substance.

Click here to download copy of MSDS (both Part A & Part B)

SemKit Packages:

The Semkit® Package is a ready-to-use disposable cartridge-based

system that stores, mixes and applies multiple component adhesives,

sealants, encapsulants and many other materials.  This system is ideal

for epoxies, polysulfides, polyurethanes, silicones and other materials

which require dynamic mixing.  Typical industry sectors where

Semkit® packages have enjoyed success include aerospace, construction,

marine, transportation and electronics.

The Semkit® package assures accurate proportioning of the materials

since the premeasured components are stored in different compartments

within the cartridge.










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