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Perchloroethylene #015-55714
Chemical Name:
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Perc, Tetrachloroethylene





Detailed Product Description:


A colorless non-flammable liquid with ether-like odor.  Miscible in most


oils, alcohol, and ether.  Non-soluble in water.  Commonly used as a dry


cleaning solvent for clothing or for vapor-degreasing of metal parts and


precision instruments.





This is electronics grade material with minimum purity of 99.5%.





Tetrachloroethylene, most commonly known as perchloroethylene, perc,


and PCE, is a chlorinated hydrocarbon.  It has a sweet odor detectable


by most people at a concentration of 1 part per million (1 ppm).





Most tetrachloroethylene is produced by high temperature chlorinolysis


of light hydrocarbons.  The method is related to Faraday's discovery since


hexachloroethane is generated and thermally decomposes.  Side products


include carbon tetrachloride, hydrogen chloride, and hexachlorobutadiene.





Most tetrachloroethylene is consumed as a solvent used in dry cleaning.  


It is desirable because it dissolves many organic materials, it is volatile,


highly stable, and nonflammable.  Usually as a mixture with other


chlorocarbons, it is used to degrease metal parts in the automotive and


other metalworking industries.  It appears in a few consumer products


including paint strippers and spot removers.  It is also used as a solvent


for proton NMR spectroscopy.





Like many chlorinated hydrocarbons, perc is a central nervous system


depressant, and inhaling its vapors (particularly in closed, poorly-ventilated


areas) can cause dizziness, headache, sleepiness, confusion, nausea, difficulty


in speaking and walking, unconsciousness, and even death.




After repeated or extended skin contact, it may dissolve fats from the skin,


resulting in severe skin irritation in work environments where people have


been exposed to high concentrations.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified perc as a


Group 2A carcinogen, which means that it expected to be carcinogenic to humans.


Irritant to eyes, nose and skin.  TLV = 50ppm



Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)





Comes packed in a 1 Gallon metal can.  55 gallon drum pricing is available on request. 



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