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Galvanate Zinc Phosphate Coating #DGR5933
Galvanate Zinc Phosphate Coating
Chemical Name:
Zinc Phosphate

Detailed Product Description:

Galvanate®  is a ready-to-use, non-flammable, phosphoric acid-based coating chemical designed to produce a zinc phosphate conversion coating on steel and galvanized steel surfaces. Galvanate® is formulated for convenient touch-up use. The coating thus produced becomes an intimate component of the metal surface that maximizes both paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Application Notes:

Galvanate® converts the zinc metal and oxide on a galvanized surface to zinc phosphate, which provides an excellent paint base. The resulting zinc phosphate coating is white in color. It is best to paint surface as soon as possible after treating to avoid any possible contamination from handling.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces must be cleaned with a suitable etchant such as Aluminate® Deox B, followed by a water rinse.



Formulation contains phosphoric acid, nitric acid and nickel nitrate.

Consult MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before using this substance.

Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Comes packed in 1-quart HDPE bottle with tamper-evident

seal in heat-sealed poly bag.  Other sizes available.  See below.




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