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Ammonium Dichromate, 200 grams #016-607
Chemical Name:
Ammonium Dichromate
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Ammonium Bichromate

Detailed Product Description:

A solid in the form of an orange crystalline powder.  Soluble in water

And alcohol.  This salt is sometimes known as Vesuvian Fire, because

of its use in the formation of tabletop "volcanoes".  


Ammonium dichromate contains both an oxidizer (dichromate) and a

reducer (ammonium).   



ACS Reagent grade material with 98% minimum purity.



It has been used in pyrotechnics and in the early days of photography.

More commonly used in process engraving, in lithography as a photo-

chemical sensitizer, in pyrotechnics as an oxidizer and in metal surface

treatments for pickling solutions.  Also finds use in oil purification and

wood preservatives.



Dangerous fire risk.  Strong oxidizing agent.  May explode in contact with

organic materials.  Both dusts and solutions are toxic, irritating to eyes and



Download MSDS below.  Read and understand precautions fully before using

this substance.


Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250ml sized wide-mouth HDPE Nalgene bottle.

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