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Mineral Deposit Cleaner #403-101
Mineral Deposit Cleaner

Detailed Product Description:

Both Lime-Away and CLR used to be very effective household cleaning agents for removal of various mineral deposits and even as brighteners for stainless steel surfaces.  They were effective because they contained a small percentage of the traditional and effective metal brightener, phosphoric acid.


Due to environmental fever, and probably pressure from special interest groups, the makers of these products—both large corporations with deep pockets and national distribution—relented to the pressure and removed the phosphoric acid (environmental concerns over phosphates in the water) replacing it with various and less effective substitutes including sulfamic acid, glycolic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, and gluconic acid.


We have resurrected the formulations that you remember in the form of our own proprietary “Mineral Deposit Cleaner.”  It is virtually the identical formulation used in the original Lime-Away and CLR products, including the requisite percentage of phosphoric acid for maximum effectiveness.  And before you get worried about environmental impact, let us remind you that cola drinks all contain phosphoric acid in a small percentage—and even at this small percentage, we all know that many millions of bottles of cola drink end up in the nation’s sewers—far beyond the small percentage you will provide through the use of a cleaner.



Causes severe eye irritation.  Skin irritant.

Toxic by ingestion and skin absorption.



Comes packed in 32 oz. Polypropylene bottle with screw cap for convenience.






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