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Hexane, 500ml #015-5761
Hexane, 500ml
Chemical Name:
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Detailed Product Description:

A colorless, volatile, and flammable liquid with a faint hydrocarbon odor.

Soluble in alcohol, acetone and ether. Insoluble in water.


This is anhydrous, Reagent Grade material with minimum purity of 95%.


Hexane is an alkane hydrocarbon. The "hex" prefix refers to its six carbons,

while the "ane" ending indicates that its carbons are connected by single bonds.

Hexane is largely unreactive, and is frequently used as an inert solvent in

organic reactions because they are very non-polar.

Hexane is produced by the refining of crude oil by fractional distillation. The

exact composition of the fraction depends largely on the source of the oil

and the constraints of the refining. The industrial product (usually around 50%

by weight of the straight-chain isomer) is the fraction boiling at 6570C.

Application Notes:

Hexane is one of the common constituents of glues used for shoes, leather

products, and roofing. Additionally, it is used in solvents to extract oils

for cooking and as a cleansing agent for shoe, furniture and textile

manufacturing. In laboratories, hexane is used to extract oil and grease from

water and soil before determination by gravimetric analysis or gas chromatography.

Commonly used as one of the constituents in aviation and racing gasolines and

as a solvent for oils, especially vegetable oils, or as the fluid in low-temperature

thermometers. It makes a particularly fine, high-purity solvent for degreasing.

Commercial grades of hexane are used as solvents for glues (rubber cement,

adhesives), varnishes, and inks.


Flammable, dangerous fire risk. Download, read, and understand MSDS

before using this substance.

Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Comes packed in 500 ml boston round, amber glass bottle. Also available

in 250 ml size.



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