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Phosphorous Acid, 200grams, 99% purity #011-189
Phosphorous Acid, 200grams, 99% purity
Chemical Name:
Phosphorous Acid
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
phosphonic acid, orthophosphorous acid

Detailed Product Description:

A white to yellowish crystalline powder.  Extremely hygroscopic.

Phosphorous acid is used in chemical reactions as a reducing agent

that is less vigorous than the related hypophosphorous acid.  



This is Reagent Grade material with a minimum purity of 99%.



Phosphorous acid, is one of the oxoacids of phosphorus that includes

the other important members of this family; phosphoric acid, H3PO4,

and hypophosphorous acid, H3PO2.  Note that only the reduced

phosphorus compounds are spelled with an "ous" ending.  

Other names for this acid are orthophosphorous acid and

dihydroxyphosphine oxide.



Read and understand all precautions stated in Material Safety Data

Sheet (MSDS, downloadable below).  Strong irritant to eyes and skin.

Toxic by inhalation and ingestion.


Click here to download a copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250 ml wide mouthed amber

glass bottle.

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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