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HE-100 Heat Transfer Fluid, 4 x 1-Gallon #300-100
HE-100 Heat Transfer Fluid, 4 x 1-Gallon
Chemical Name:
HE-100 Ethylene Glycol

Detailed Product Description:

HE-100 is a highly purified electrolytic/semiconductor grade, pure ethylene glycol.

It is referred to as “uninhibited” in that it does not include any corrosion inhibitors or

additives. Intended specifically for use in temperature control systems for

semiconductor process equipment, this formulation provides maximum purity to

minimize foaming, and to prevent premature contamination of deionization elements

thus maintaining maximum dielectric strength for plasma chambers.




Specific resistance:  3.0 Meg-ohm-cm at 25 ºC

Specific Heat:  0.544 calories/gram/ºC

Specific Gravity:  1.1155

Density:  9.28 pounds/gallon

Viscosity:  20.9 centipoise

Boiling Point:  +197.2 ºC at sea level standard pressure

Freezing Point:  -13 ºC

Vapor Pressure:  0.1 mm Hg




Laboratory Analysis:

 Acidity (as acetic acid), wt%: 0.005 max

 Chlorides, ppm:  none detectable

 Iron (Fe), ppm:   0.10 max

 Minimum purity:   99.50%





Toxic by ingestion. Toxic human dose reported to be 200cc. TLV = 50ppm



Comes in a cardboard case packed with 4 ea. 1-gallon polyethylene jugs with

tamper-evident shrink-sealed caps, and lot number tracking.




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