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Smith's Five Year Clear Polyurethane #660-302
Smith's Five Year Clear Polyurethane

Detailed Product Description:

The modern replacement for varnish. Pictures simply cannot come close to showing you its "wet-look" high-gloss appearance. Just imagine the highest-gloss finish you've ever seen—it's better than that, much better. Five Year Clear is a spectacular 2-part polyurethane exterior finish for any door, window or other wood building components, as well as your boat. You can use this exterior finish on virtually all woods including the popular oak, teak, and mahogany.


Customers routinely report Five Year Clear polyurethane still looks like the day they did it, even five years later and some longer than that. The people who publish the "Practical Sailor" and "Powerboat Reports" started testing this product on some panels on their roof in 1996. Get a copy of the March 2000 issue and see what they say.


This product has been in production for over twenty years now. It is so expensive to make that it traditionally has only been sold directly through the manufacturer instead of the more traditional wholesale/retail distribution systems.

Dry Times:

After the last coat of Five Year Clear Polyurethane, a minimum of 48 hours at 70º F and 40% Relative Humidity (R. H.) must be allowed to elapse before the coating will tolerate water exposure without damage. Full chemical cure and the development of ultimate physical properties takes two weeks at 70ºF and 40% R.H.


Combustible mixture. Keep from flame and ignition sources.

Use with adequate ventilation.



One-quart kit comes packed in pair of 1-pint cans

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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