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Hydrofluoric Acid, 49%, Semi Grade, 1-Gallon Size #011-12214
Hydrofluoric Acid, 49%, Semi Grade, 1-Gallon Size
Chemical Name:
Hydrofluoric Acid
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:











Detailed Product Description:


A colorless fuming liquid.  Noncombustible.  This is a strong and highly


corrosive acid.  Most commonly used in aluminum production, processing


uranium and for etching glass and other silicon-based materials especially


in the semiconductor industry.





This is semiconductor grade material with minimum purity of 99.99%





The aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid) is considered


a weak acid from a chemistry perspective, as the high strength of hydrogen-fluorine


bonds does not allow complete dissociation with water.  On a practical level, it


is a highly corrosive, fuming, and Hazardous substance for which its liquid and


vapor can cause severe burns.  



HF is prepared from the reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid on fluospar


(a mineral composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2).





Hydrofluoric acid is used as the catalyst in refinery alkylation.  Hydrofluoric


acid is capable of dissolving inorganic oxides including glass (SiO2), which


offers the following applications:



  • Purification of aluminum and uranium


  • Etching, cleaning, and frosting in the manufacture of glass


  • Quartz purification


  • Chemical milling of titanium alloys


  • Rust removal in laundry products


  • Removing surface oxides from silicon in the semiconductor industry


  • Cleaning porcelain prosthetics


  • Electroplating


  • Removing oxide rust from stainless steel and titanium in the process called pickling.


  • Hydrofluoric acid is also used as a feedstock of chemical synthesis for target molecules including fluorine organic compounds, teflon, and freon.





**This is the most dangerous industrial acid in existence**


Attacks calcium in bones.  Strong irritant to eyes and skin.  Highly corrosive to skin


and mucous membranes.  Toxic by inhalation and ingestion.  Will attack


glass specifically and generally any silicon-containing materials.



Download, read, and fully understand the risks and precautions associated with


this substance before using.



Those using Hydrofluoric Acid should have available a ready supply of  Calgonate®


Calcium Gluconate antidote gel in case of accidental exposure.



Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Click here to download a summary of exposure facts for this substance





Comes packed in Gallon size HDPE jugs.  Case pricing is available below. 




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