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Acetone Precision Cleaning Solvent #450-105
Acetone Precision Cleaning Solvent
Chemical Name:
Acetone Precision Cleaning Solvent
CAS Number:

Detailed Product Description:

This is ULSI grade, 99.9% minimum purity Acetone solvent commonly used

as a specialty solvent for surface or part cleaning in cleanrooms.


A colorless flammable liquid with high volatility.  Soluble in water, alcohol, ether

and most oils.  Commonly used as a solvent for photoresists, lacquers, and epoxy
or polyester resins.



Flammable, dangerous fire risk, explosive limits in air range from 2 to 13%.

Moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation with a TLV = 750 ppm



Comes packed in 8 ounce polyethylene bottle with twist-open cap.

Heat-sealed in cleanroom certified polyethylene bag.





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