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Ammonium Nitrate, 200g #014-442
Ammonium Nitrate, 200g
Chemical Name:
Ammonium Nitrate
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Norway Saltpeter

Detailed Product Description:

Colorless crystalline solid.  Soluble in water, alcohol and alkalies. 

A nitrate of ammonia, a white crystalline solid at room temperature

and standard pressure.  Commonly used as an oxidizer in fertilizers,

insecticides & herbicides, and as a nutrient for antibiotics synthesis.



This is USP Grade material with minimum 99.5% purity.



It is commonly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. 

Ammonium nitrate is used in cold packs, as hydrating the salt is

an endothermic process.


Ammonium nitrate is an important component of many fertilizer

mixtures.  It provides a source of nitrogen to plants, which increases

growth and crop yields.



Ammonium nitrate is non-flammable and a fire from ammonium

nitrate is very unlikely.  However, it is a strong oxidizing agent

that can cause combustible materials (such as wood, paper, and oil)

to ignite.   Irritant to skin and tissue. 


Under normal handling conditions, ammonium nitrate is not harmful.

However, inhalation of high concentrations of ammonium nitrate dust

can cause respiratory tract irritation.  Ammonium nitrate forms a mild

acid when mixed with water.  This acid can cause irritation to the eyes,

nose, and skin.


Download, read and understand the MSDS and the hazards and precautions

involved with the handling and use of this substance.


                Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250ml sized wide-mouth

HDPE Nalgene bottle. 

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