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Label Removal Solvent, Formula #25 #520-921
Label Removal Solvent, Formula #25
Chemical Name:
Label Removal Solvent
Label Adhesive Removal Solvent

Detailed Product Description:

Many come with various types of labels attached to them.  For any of a number of reasons, you might need to remove those labels.  Nothing is more frustrating than peeling off the label only to leave a gooey pad of adhesive behind on the surface.

There are two families of label adhesives in common use currently; acrylics and latex.  The two families will require completely different solvent formulations to properly remove them from the surfaces to which they have been applied.

Formula #25—For Acrylic Adhesives:

Formulated specifically for dissolving members of the acrylic adhesive family. Very effective for removing label adhesive from metals, plated metals, anodized surfaces, printed circuit boards, glass, ceramics, epoxy-painted surfaces and polyolefin plastics. 



This is a very aggressive solvent which may attack some plastics and paints.  Confirm material compatibility on a test piece before using on end product.


Formulated for industrial use only.  Extremely flammable liquid and vapors.  Use only with adequate ventilation.


Comes packed in 2 oz. Cylindrical steel can with screw cap.



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