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1" Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Kit #780-050

Detailed Product Description:

With this kit we have done all the research and procurement for you. Here’s what you get all in one package:


  • Carbon fiber tube section—For this kit we include a 5-foot length of 1” O.D. pre-cured tubing. This is the same quality tubing you will find in our carbon fiber tube department. It is roll-wrapped on a precision mandrel and cured in an oven at a controlled temperature. It features the classic carbon weave pattern in the outer layer for the ultimate in the popular desired cosmetic look. 

  • Threaded inserts—We include 2 precision-machined aircraft aluminum (7075-T6) inserts, heat treated and anodized, designed specifically for adhesive bonding into the tube size provided. The bonding surfaces feature a special serration profile to maintain the proper adhesive film thickness and are already grit blasted for you for maximum adhesion and minimum preparation.

  • Spherical rod ends—Precision-machined of aircraft aluminum (7075-T6) “Heim” joints with precision spherical bearings.

  • Structural Adhesive—Aerospace/Structural-quality epoxy bonding adhesive sized in the small amount you will need.

  • Jam Nuts—Low profile jam nuts, drilled for safety wire, precision machined of aircraft aluminum and color anodized to contrast against the rod end and the insert collar.

  • Abrasive Cutoff Wheel—Carbon fiber cannot be effectively cut with a bandsaw or hacksaw without affecting its structural matrix. For your convenience, we have provided an abrasive cutoff wheel for your die grinder to safely cut the tube to length.

  • Clear Coat—A 2-ounce bottle of polyurethane clear coat with hardener has been provided for application with your airbrush for UV protection of your completed tie rod.

  • Fabrication Procedure—Detailed assembly instructions are provided with a proven sequence of operations and best-known methods.


Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

The components, sizes and materials contained in this kit have been selected to optimize the structural and weight characteristics of the final assembly based on the characteristics of each individual element.

Tube Length: 60 inches

Tube Diameter: 1.0” O.D.

Tube Wall Thickness: .080”

Tube Weight/Inch: .05 ounces

Rod Ends:?-20 UNF Male threaded end, ˝” I.D. spherical bearing

(one right-hand thread and one left-hand thread)

Threaded Inserts:?-20 UNF female thread, 1.5” penetration/bonding surface


The user accepts all responsibility for determining the suitability of this kit for his particular application.


Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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