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Chemical Valve, Air-Operated, PFA, 3/4" 2-way #1000-203
Chemical Valve, Air-Operated, PFA, 3/4" 2-way

Detailed Product Description:
The PV-16 Pneumatic 2-Way Diaphragm Valve is designed for use in high purity
semiconductor applications. It is also ideally suited for ultra-pure water and aggressive
chemical or gas applications. The design utilizes a molded high purity PFA body with
precision-machined seat and diaphragm sealing areas.  A one-piece-machined, 
modified PTFE diaphragm is also utilized for excellent flexibility and life.  A
full 3/4" orifice provides maximum flow capability in a compact package.

Precision-machined diaphragm manufactured from the latest technology modified

PTFE. Provides over five times the flexural life of conventional PTFE.

Tongue and groove seal for positive diaphragm to body seal.  Provides high

cycle life, lower replacement costs and less downtime.

PVDF-coated stainless steel spring reduces effects of corrosive environments.

Materials of Construction:

Wetted Surfaces - PFA, Modified PTFE

External Surfaces - PFA, PVDF, 18-8 stainless steel

Other Materials - Viton seals, Halar-coated stainless steel spring.

Pressure Ranges (ratings for ambient temperatures):

Forward - 27” Hg vacuum (913 mbar) to 100 PSIG (7 bar)

Back - 80 PSIG (5.5 bar) with 80 PSI (5.5 bar) inlet pressure

Actuator - 60 PSIG (4.2 bar) to 120 PSIG (8.3 bar)

Temperature Ranges:

0° - 150° F (-17° - 66° C) Ambient

0° - 266° F (-17° - 130° C) Fluid

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